Application Examples

Following are samples of some of the applications I have developed or modified over the years.  These applications were developed to work over a private in-house or intra-company network, but today these same applications can work with a database hosted on a web server via the Internet or an Intranet.


To understand why applying proper database design and deployment techniques are vitally important to any business application, please read Database Benefits and Client/Server Architecture


Parents Available to Help / Parent to Parent of Connecticut


Access Developer and VBA Programmer for PATH


This application is for PATH, a family support and resource network.  This non-profit agency helps parents with disadvantaged children find support from families with similar concerns throughout the state of Connecticut.  The 'Match Families' button on the Main Menu brings the user to the form shown below. This form allows the user to make one or more choices from the 'Concern List', then find all of the families in the state that have similar concerns.  Families can be trained in a variety of disciplines.  All families can be selected, or the families can be further screened by the type of training they possess.  Once the user is satisfied, a report of the matching families can be previewed and then printed.


PATH entry form


Mediaspace Solutions

Mediaspace Solutions plans, buys, places and verifies newspaper advertising for agencies and advertisers nationwide.  The following form is from an application I converted to SQL/Server.  I enhanced the user interface somewhat, but my real contribution to this system was the improvement in performance.  The original application  had outgrown the ability of Microsoft Access to handle the daily volume of transactions.  I migrated the data from Access to SQL/Server and developed numerous 'stored procedures' which dramatically improved the performance of the application.


Access Developer and VBA Programmer for Mediaspace Solutions


STOP, Security Tracking of Office Property

STOP contracted me to make some improvements to their master database which contains information on the owner of every security plate they have sold.  This is a client/server application deployed in a manner which makes it available to multiple users over a Local Area Network (LAN).  Originally the database did not implement referential integrity between some of the critical tables in the database.  Due to the diligence of the primary user of the system, the data was fairly accurate, but modifying the database design guaranteed it would be 100% accurate and that it would remain that way.  The original system lacked a means to navigate among the various functions of the application. Also, many maintenance functions were performed by going directly into the tables of the database! This can be a very dangerous process leading to inadvertent data corruption.  I added a menu based subsystem to improve ease of use.  I also added 'Administrative Function' forms that would provide safeguards while maintaining critical data.


Access Developer and VBA Programmer for STOP


One of the options on the Main Menu allows STOP to import data from their Website. When a piece of equipment, such as a laptop computer, is resold the new user can transfer the registration via STOP's Website.  This information is then downloaded and imported into their Master system. The following menu allows the user to navigate through the various steps required to import and 'fix' incorrect data, then update the equipment data in the Master database.


STOP web import form


Dresser Industries

The next two forms are from a Returned Goods system I developed for the Instruments division of Dresser Industries (since acquired by General Electric).  The data for the system was converted from DataEase to Access, but the tables, forms and reports were totally new.


Access Developer and VBA Programmer for Dresser Industries (GE)


The 'Returns' form is the heart of the application.  Information on returned goods can be searched for by Customer number or name.  Return Authorization Numbers (RANs) are automatically generated by the system.  The overall status of a Return is clearly noted by a red 'Closed' or a green 'Open'.  The status is calculated automatically based on business rules, which require that certain critical information be entered before an 'Open' Return is 'Closed'.  Each Return may have multiple 'line items', all of which may be viewed from this one form. The 'Find' button allows the user to search for a Return by Dresser's RAN, by the distributor's RAN or by Customer name.  A hard copy of the Return, in a format nearly identical to the form displayed below, may also be printed.


Dresser Industries (GE) Returns form


Sikorsky Financial Credit Union

The following is the primary input form for an application I developed for the Sikorsky Financial Credit Union.  It allows the input of all of an employees hours for the week, including benefit hours such as overtime, vacation, holiday, sick time and personal time.  The hours the employee is eligible for in certain benefit categories is shown at the top of the appropriate column.  The input is entered in a 'Time In/Time out' format and the total number of hours worked is calculated by the application.  Allocation of straight and regular overtime as well as double time is calculated by the system based on built-in business rules.


 Sikorskey Federal Credit Union data entry form


ASB Meditest

The next form was developed for ASB Meditest, since acquired by Hooper Holmes.  They used the system to schdule Flu Vaccination clinics at pharmacies across the United States.  A customer is chosen from the drop-down box.  All of the stores for that customer which sponsor clinics are displayed in one sub-form, and all of the 'Projects' (flu vaccination clinics) schduled for the chosen store are displayed in the other sub-form.  Stores and Projects are added on other forms, but the dates, times and number of nurses required for a Project may be modified on this form.  After choosing a Project, the user may navigate to another form to assign the nurses that will administer vaccinations at the clinic.


ASB Meditest Flu Clinic Form


Youth & Family Services

The following form is from a system developed for a CT town's Youth & Family Services agency.  The 'Intake Form' captures the critical data for a youth all on one form.  The form shows the first of possibly multiple instances of Previous Agency Involvement, Judicial Involvement and Medical/Psychological Diagnoses.  The text box at the bottom of the form shows the first two lines of a narrative description.  The full narrative may be seen in a separate form which is displayed by double-clicking on the text.


Youth and Family Services intake form


By clicking on the 'Youth Issues' button on the above form, the form shown below is displayed, allowing various youth and family issues to be applied.  These issues are fully configurable by the user of the system via separate maintenance forms..


Youth and Family Services issue form


Building Contractor

This next form is from an application developed for a building contractor.  The form is used to maintain all of the financial data for each 'Contract' currently in process.  The bottom line totals are automatically recalculated whenever a figure is changed.  This 'Net Profit' application also allows the user to:

  • Assign Jobs to Codes

  • Edit Jobs

  • Run Reports

  • Perform 'Beginning of the Year' functions, and

  • Maintain critical table data

Access Developer and VBA Programmer for a Contractor

These are just some examples of database applications I have developed for use over an in-house network.  Today, these same applications can access data from a web based database.  Let me take your idea and turn it into reality to improve the bottom line of your business!