The Personal, Professional Touch

Do you want someone who takes the time to fully understand your business problem and who develops solutions that are exactly what you need?  Someone who knows business and computers, knows how to work with people and speaks in English rather than computer techno babble?  If so, then I'm the person to help you solve your business problem! 


I began working with Access in 1994;  have been an Access Developer and VBA Programmer developing database applications for small businesses since 1995; have worked with SQL/Server since 2000; received certification from Microsoft as a .Net Solution Developer in 2003; and have been developing Websites in VB.Net with Access and SQL/Server since 2010.  I have over 30 years experience in database design and business application development.


I strive to fully understand what you're asking for, combine it with my general business knowledge and comprehensive application development expertise and then create a solution that reflects what you need. This way I am able to develop a solution to your problem that works for you.

My Background

I have been solving business problems through creative programming for over 30 years.  I learned the finer aspects of database design and business programming while working for General Electric where I learned relational database theory.  A stint with Digital Equipment Corporation gave me the opportunity to gain expertise in transaction processing from one of the pioneers in client/server programming.  More recently I improved my knowledge of investment banking while with UBS and hedge funds with SSARIS Advisors.  I have also developed applications for numerous small to medium size businesses, or departments of larger business, throughout Connecticut.


I began working with Access 2.0 in 1994 and have developed business applications in every version since then, up to and including Access 2010.  I began to use Visual Basic starting with version 4.0 in 1995 qnd currently use VBA and VB.Net to develop applications.  I began working with SSRS in 2005 when I introduced it to the Investment Bank at UBS.  I have developed SQL/Server databases, and migrated Access databases to SQL/Server, since 2000.


In May 2003 I received recognition from Microsoft as an ‘Early Achiever’, acknowledging that I was one of the first 5,000 people to earn the credential of MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer) for Microsoft .NET.  This training expanded my expertise in the areas of Visual Basic .NET. ADO.Net and ASP.Net for Windows and the Web, XML Services, SQL Server 2000 and .NET Solution Architectures.


I've had a lot of experience developing computerized business applications.  Even more important is my business experience.  I understand  many different kinds of businesses and the data they require, so when you describe the problem you want me to solve, chances are I've seen something like it.  The applications I have developed are for people that know their business, but need help developing an application that can help them run their business.  I understand how important it is to get along with a variety of people.  And, of course, as a small business owner, I understand the importance of minimizing expenses to improve the bottom line.


I have programmed applications and modified databases or created new ones for more then thirty different types of applications in the following subject areas:

  1. Hedge Funds
    1. Operations
    2. Marketing
  2. Investment Banking
    1. Server Inventory
  3. Back Office Banking
    1. General Ledger
    2. Checking Accounts
    3. Savings Accounts
    4. Mortgages
    5. Check Processing
    6. Employee Time Card Collection
  4. Manufacturing
    1. Steam Turbine Manufacturing
    2. Returned Goods Tracking
  5. Construction
    1. Net Profit Tracking
  6. Warehousing
    1. Inventory Logistics
  7. Furniture Retailing
    1. Customer Tracking & Sales Performance
    2. Price Book Creation
  8. Products & Services
    1. Theft Prevention & Recovery
    2. Financial Investment Tracking
    3. Psychological Testing & Assessment Services
    4. Asset Tracking
    5. Internet Service Subscriber Management
    6. Advertisement Space Scheduling
    7. Telephone & Data Network Management
  9. Computer Data Center
    1. Reliability Tracking
    2. Help Desk
  10. Medical
    1. Flu Vaccination Clinic Management
    2. Health & Safety Record Keeping
    3. Autism Research
  11. Insurance
    1. Claims Tracking
  12. Public School
    1. Financial Reporting
    2. Teacher Applicant Tracking
    3. New Hire Employee Tracking
    4. Custodial Maintenance
    5. Special Education
  13. Government and Non-Profit Agencies
    1. Youth & Family Services Management
    2. Business Outreach Center Management
    3. Statewide Cooperative Educational Services
    4. Network for Parents of Disadvantaged Children

My Design Goals

  • Develop business applications that are 'intuitive', which makes them easy to use by both experienced and novice users.

  • Create solutions that last.  I help you arrive at a resolution to your current dilemna with an application that will also grow to serve your future needs.