Software Solutions is focused on developing applications that solve business problems and are easy for people to use and understand. We are adept at discovering patterns in processes and using that knowledge to integrate data and build databases. We have the ability to quickly grasp our client’s business and tailor applications to meet their needs. We enjoy the challenge of applying our skills in SQL/Server, VB.Net, SSRS, Access, and VBA to a variety of business areas.

Our ability to interact with business stakeholders, subject matter experts, operational managers and IT technologists to translate business requirements into an operational system brings value to your organization.  The result is an application which improves employee efficiency and/or cuts costs, which has a positive impact on the bottom line and gives your company a competitive edge in the marketplace.

What Software Solutions can do for You
  • Create a custom business application. Your business probably has at least one distinct process that is the key to your success.  Capture your individuality in a custom application to improve productivity and profitability which allows your business to flourish.  See Applications for some examples.
  • Convert an existing application to a new one.  Software Solutions can convert data and applications from almost any older system to one that utilizes new technologies including Microsft Access, Excel and SQL/Server.  See Applications for some examples.
  • Improve the performance, appearance and user-friendliness of an existing application. Application performance can often be improved by modifying the Access Developer Recommendation database design or by simply changing the way information is gathered (queried) from the database (see Database Benefits). When your application outgrows Access, let us upgrade it to SQL/Server. Also, many of the techniques and methodologies in Software Solutions code library can be easily added to an existing system to improve it's usefulness, just ask my clients (see Client References).
  • Upgrade an existing Access application to the current version. This one step can improve the performance of your existing application, as well as make available new features that have the potential to increase its functionality and usability.
  • Web-enable an existing application. Access applications can now access data via the Internet by upgrading the data tables to SQL/Server while still utilizing the existing Access Forms & Reports. We can also develop new web page interfaces to Access or SQL/Server data residing in 'The Cloud'. For an example, please go here: ASGA Fairfield
  • Deploy and apply upgrades to third party applications you use to run your business.

Prominent Technologies:

Software Solutions specializes in Microsoft Technologies: Access, Excel and VBA for small to medium sized business applications and SQL/Server, VB.Net and SQL Server Reporting Services for more robust applications. Software Solutions also develops web based applications that can be used to your companies advantage to establish a web presence or  to share company data among employees via the Internet.

  • Microsoft Access: Microsoft Access is a relational database system that is one of the most underrated technologies available today for application development.  It is the perfect tool for many small to medium size business applications.  It has the ability to supply some very important, although not well known, technologies to guarantee data reliability and consistency.  Practically anyone can use it to develop a custom business application, however the techniques used to improve data quality are often not known to the common user, which means that many 'home-grown' systems don't apply them and can soon become unwieldy and less than useful.  Software Solutions understands these techniques and has been using them for more than 25 years to develop robust business systems that stand the test of time. See Database Benefits for a further explanation of these relational techniques. If you have an Excel application that has reached it's performance limit or an underperforming Access application, don't throw it out, let Software Solutions fix it for you!
  • Visual Basic: An extremely popular and powerful programming langueage for developing business applications.  Software Solutions utilizes the power of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) with Microsoft Access and/or Excel to implement processes unique to your business. Software Solutions utilizes Visual Basic .Net to develop web sites that make your application available over the Internet.
  • SQL/Server: Microsoft's full-feature database.  If your custom application outgrows Microsoft Access, it is simple to upgrade to SQL/Server.  Performance can be greatly improved by using the power of SQL/Server. By developing your business logic in Access an application can grow as you grow. You can retain all of the forms and reports from your Access system and replace only the data repository. Software Solutions has been doing this since 2000.  New technologies allow you to utilize Access forms and reports which connect to a SQL/Server database over the Internet!
  • SQL/Server Reporting Services: Do you own an application based on Access or SQL/Server and need custom reports to support your business?  SQL/Server Reporting Services (SSRS) provides full-featured reporting for such systems.  Reporting Services is a server-based reporting platform that provides comprehensive reporting functionality for a variety of data sources.  Software Solutions has been working with SSRS since 2005.

Service and Experience:
  • When you work with Software Solutions for Business you get me and my over 25 years of database and application VBA Programmer Recommendation design experience (see About Software Solutions). I make it a priority to handle your requests in a timely manner, and if you need help immediately I will find a way to get it done.  After the project is complete I'm still available to support your business for as long you need it.

Contact Us:
  • Please contact us via email or call us at (203) 684-8409 (w) or (203) 414-5770 (c).